Was given to me by a neighbour after my fisrt trip in denmark where I met Amanda. I now took hundreds of pictures with it and for sure will give it to somebody somewhen.

Cassette Tape

Benjamin Rossignol: Rune, you are more than welcome to use that cassette for your exhibition piece. Benjamin: Forgive me if you know this, but that cassette is meant to be played on a four track recorder, such as this: The idea of that cassette was so that the listener can mix the drone piece … Continue reading Cassette Tape


Bought a friday afternoon before a big show in Vega in Copenhagen 2013. I was doing visuals with When Saints Go Machine, and my computer was too slow, so I decided to buy a new one, one hour before the show. It’s still doing great!

Box for little things

Ceramic box. It probably comes from the North of Africa or Andalucía. Taken from the bed table of someone I know, used to lay there since i can remember, containing nothing. I own this thing by being close to it and using it, but technically it is a stolen object. I plan to  put it … Continue reading Box for little things