Wall lamp

Unknown designer, flee market Copenhagen 2017 Pauline Nyborg Bendsen Rune Brink Hansen


Desktop chair from my mothers career as a textile designer. Was in her homeoffice during 1970-190ies, i got it when i moved away from home in 1999 Previous owners: Bente Giandrup Fabian Rune Brink Hansen


Bought second hand in Copenhagen for our home office on Østerbro. Later in our home office in the countryside in Farum Previous owners: Unknown

Cassette Tape

Benjamin Rossignol: Rune, you are more than welcome to use that cassette for your exhibition piece. Benjamin: Forgive me if you know this, but that cassette is meant to be played on a four track recorder, such as this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portastudio The idea of that cassette was so that the listener can mix the drone piece … Continue reading Cassette Tape


Found in the house of my ex-girlfriends grandmother in her house in northern Norway. Probably given as charity and planned to be send as clothing help to poor people in northern Russia. Estimated production year 1950 Previous owners: Sigrid Astrup, Copenhagen, Denmark Marianne Astrup, Tromsø Norway

Art piece

Art Piece by Morten Bencke Housewarming gift 2015 Concrete & Metalframe Previous owners: Morten Bencke, Copenhagen, Denmark